Through sport, we have the power to change lives.

Reebok's history

Reebok’s history began way back in 1895, when a shoemaker named J.W. Foster developed the first known running shoes, enabling athletes to run faster than ever before. Ever since, the brand has led a revolution with the belief that fitness has the power to make us better humans. They design and create the best gear and experiences for the sport of fitness and fitness athletes everywhere, and their employees fully embrace this mission.

Reebok is always looking for new playgrounds across the globe – the brand has found success by partnering with fitness pioneers CrossFit, UFC, Spartan Race, Les Mills, and Ragnar Relays. Each of these partnerships allow them the chance to design the gear that helps fitness tribes worldwide to be their best.


The brand’s belief is that Sport has the power to change lives but at Reebok, they view sport differently to their competitors. They believe that sport is outside the lines of the court, bigger than fandom, larger than all stars – which is why they focus on Fitness.

At Reebok, there is one goal: to help people everywhere to be their absolute best physically, mentally, and socially. The brand’s mission is to be the best fitness brand in the world – to design and create the best gear and experiences for those who live a fitness lifestyle.

Reebok knows that those that live a fitness lifestyle will be the greatest contributors to our world.

Reebok’s culture is built on 3 Cs: Creativity, Collaboration and Confidence.


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