"We are proud of our long lasting partnership with the best urban fashion and sporting goods brands."

Frederico Serrão – CEO

Brands Leaders is a reference chain that distributes and represents leading brands in Portugal in the sporting goods and urban fashion sector. We are widely recognised as the leading retailer of branded footwear, sporting goods, casual wear and urban fashion in Portugal.

Why Us

Brands Leaders offers a selection of leading brands in sporting goods and lifestyle, from internationally renowned brands such as, Reebok, Hummel, ECCO, Levi’s, JACK & JONES, Lumberjack and Sneaky. With an experienced and professional team, BRANDS LEADERS presents itself to the market with a wide range of brands that cover the various market sectors, from small trade to large distribution, always focusing on customer satisfaction. Deliver faster and more joyfully to the customer.
We are working intensely with our suppliers to restock our products, with optimal stock levels always available. Exceptional times of delivery to provide our final customers and partners with an approximate 24-hour window. We’ve been cooperating closely with different partners and suppliers to improve the shopping experience and push forward the way how we operate in digital channels.

Retail innovation

Ultimate shopping experience.
We are always working on the look and feel of our stores and online stores, campaigns and collections to improve the shopping experience. The accumulated knowledge and retail experience allow us to design different chains of stores with adjustable layouts, segmented and loyal to the DNA of each project.

Exceptional customer service

Level up your customer support.
Dedicated team, visually appealing stores and digitally dynamic marketing, all focused on giving the customer the best shopping experience and service. We stay ahead competition by keeping customer experiences exceptional.

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